Honestly, growing up I'd like to think I had fairly normal skin. Occasional dry spots in the winter but nothing anomalous.. it was when I got pregnant with my daughter that I'd experience much changes to my skin. My skin was uncontrollable to say the least! So, just a little background on me .. I am a naturalist by heart so anything being consumed or topical in reference to my skin or hair I would prefer organic ingredients. I went searching your regular drug stores and supermarkets for anything plant-based,no additives, gluten-free, paraben free, etc that I can willingly apply to my skin without any harshness, guilt or flare-ups.. I wasn't surprised to say the least. Here I am now struggling to get back the moisture/pH balance into my skin but also correct discolorations due to the now hormonal in-differences. Still only wanting to use something simple I needed a brand I can incorporate into my daily routine, worry-free thus I created NUDE by Nova. After months of research, trial and error I decided to share my now as you know it; skincare and body-care line. Formulated with nature's love, botanicals and simplicity my mission with NUDE by Nova is to allow you and your body to naturally feel refreshed, hydrated and illuminated. Thank you for welcoming us onto your skincare journey! Wishing flawless skin, love and light to you all!

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